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Glamis operates Provisio Funding that provides Joint Venture, hybrid finance to property developers and investors, offering high funding-to-value. Provisio Funding works alongside Provisio Capital, a private Isle of Man based crowd funding platform, to offers high funding-to-value finance, often up to 95% of GDV or investment value. A clients’ bank may or may not provide senior debt with Provisio providing subordinate ‘mezz’ finance.The Provisio structure requires a very low equity capital contributions from the developer or investor and this results in an exceptionally high return on equity. This also means that projects that seemed unachievable can be undertaken and entrepreneurs capital can be spread over a number of development projects or can be utilised to fund investment property improvements.Provisio Capital offers seasoned investors access to a private club where they come together in multiple ‘one-off’ syndicates to fund development, investment and trading opportunities. Access to Provisio Capital is solely for seasoned investor and is by invitation only.

We Can Help You With Commercial & Residential Investments

Glamis has an expanding portfolio of both commercial and residential real estate located throughout the U.K. We ‘add-value’ through development and refurbishment to meet occupier demand.